Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Penquin Wars- Seriously!

This is so ridiculous I am not even believing it — Media Matters is reporting that the Christmas warriors have turned on the penguins .

Not content with their annual discussion of a supposed “War on Christmas,” conservative talking heads have taken on a new issue this season: environmentalist propaganda in children’s movies. CNN Headline News’ Glenn Beck and Fox News’ Neil Cavuto recently spoke out against Warner Bros.’ new animated children’s movie Happy Feet; criticizing the film for its alleged pro-environmentalist content. Media Matters for America spokesman Karl Frisch responded to the criticism, lambasting the conservative talking heads for their return to holiday-season absurdity.

“The idea that anyone would make such comments against a children’s movie about a tap-dancing penguin shows just how low the bar has dropped for what the media consider real news,” Frisch said. “Conservatives seem to have abandoned their traditional coverage of the supposed ‘War on Christmas’ for a ‘War on Penguins.’ “

With all the other crap in the world going on. These guys have to invent issues to get incensed about. Who cares if it promotes an "environmentalist agenda". Is it a sin now in the right wing to be concerned about the environment? Did I just ask that question?

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