Monday, November 27, 2006

Post Holiday Monday

Here we are on the Monday after a four day holiday and it is very hard to get rolling this morning. Have meetings in the office this morning which means fighting Atlanta traffic which is always a bad way to start the week.

Just noticed that my Blogroll is truncating in the "T's" for some reason. I haven't messed with the template so I am assuming it someone else's problem. We'll watch it and see if it fixes itself.

Hope everyone had a great holiday and is ready for the slide to Christmas. This is always a tough part of the year for some reason. Really don't want to start any business projects since you can't get anything done until the first of the new year with everyone taking holiday but you hate to just drift along. I only have one engagement scheduled so far in the next 30 days and that is just a couple of days in Boston with an existing client.

OK, off for a quick blog around and then hit the streets. If I am lucky I can get everything wrapped up by noon and escape. Supposed to be in the lower 70's and clear today so I definitely don't want to spend all day in the office.

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