Sunday, November 12, 2006

Monday's Here!

Hope everyone is having/had a nice weekend. We had a little rain (which mercifully stopped my yard work Saturday afternoon) but otherwise it has been nice. It did turn off a little cooler today but the mid 70’s on Saturday was a little too mild for even Atlanta.

My non-travel hiatus ends tomorrow morning with a 7am flight to Indianapolis and a rental car drive to Danville, IL. Never been there but it looks to be decidedly in the “heartland”. I’m just meeting with a client Monday and Tuesday and back to Atlanta Tuesday night. The only thing about starting our so early is that it means crawling out of bed at about 3am. Arrrgh!

Last week and the emotional roller coaster of the election followed by the overwhelming sea change in what this country can expect will be remembered by a lot of us on the left for a long time. I am sincerely hoping that it marks the beginning of the long road back to the American dream.

You guys have a good Monday and maybe I’ll get the chance to check in here on Monday night from Central Illinois.

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