Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Strange Happenings

Very busy with actual work today and as such not much activity here. I have been getting snippets of news here and there and it seems as though something, though who knows what, is happening in the high circles of power in Washington, Iraq and Jordan.
If I have it straight...
  • The Whitehouse purposely leaked a secret memo calling al-Maliki an ineffective leader.
  • Bush is supposed to meet with al-Maliki today to consult about solving the "not civil war" in Iraq but someone scrubbed the meeting and it is now supposed to be tomorrow.
  • Al-Sadr jerked his troops out of the Iraqi Parliament just as he promised if al-Maliki met with Bush even though he hasn't yet.
  • al-Maliki cancels his dinner date with Bush for tonight.
  • Oh, and Colin Powell says it's a civil war.
  • Iran is saying they will step in to prevent the Shia from being abused in Iraq.
  • Saudi Arabia is saying the same for the Sunni.
Let me make a wild guess here and say that the Whitehouse is beginning the laying of cover for Bush to bail on Iraq with a story line something on the order of "We did what we could but we just couldn't over come the weak leadership in Iraq."

Looks like the Iraq debacle is spreading into a regional conflict and that is why Cheney was summoned so that he could be given the bad news and read the riot act.

There is even a chance that the meeting between Bush and al-Maliki won't happen at all.

This ought to be real interesting.

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