Thursday, November 30, 2006


Just taking a moment while the laptop runs some database scripts, otherwise it is still busy with work stuff.
It's the last day of November in Atlanta(and in many other places) and it is 61 degress outside with a warm rain falling. Very odd weather and not a good omen. I am not a big fan of cold weather but this spooks me just a couple of days after watching "An Inconvenient Truth".
Seriously, it should be twenty or so degrees cooler.

Even the wildlife is confused. Just last week as I wandered the manor I noted all the chipmunk dens that had been boarded up for the winter. The little guy or gal that lives under the front walk had piled up dirt and sealed themselves for the winter, same for the little creature that lives under the stump out front and the one in the Patrick Swayze rocks out back. They are Patrick Swayze rocks because madam gathered them from the roadside on our last trip to Mountain Lake where Dirty Dancing was filmed which is only about 10 miles from my birthplace. Anyhow, yesterday I noticed that everyone had unsealed and was back to foraging again. Normally, when they button up for winter they stay that way until spring.

Gotta get back to work. I'll be in and out of here all day since I have a lot of testing to do and it takes about 20 minutes to run the set of scripts. I make a few changes and rerun everything...look at the results...tweak something else and go again. This on and off again lets me swing around and wander the blogs for a few minutes and maybe even post something if I am inspired.

P.S. Sorry but it looks like Haloscan is tits up again this morning so I can expect no comments... except it appears PoP got in for a moment. Beginning to seriously doubt the use of this for comments as it seems as if it has been down or limping more than it has been solid lately. Keep checking and maybe it will heal. BTW my Firefox has started acting up again and is truncating my blogroll right after the first "T". Created a new profile the other day and that fixed it for a day and now the new profile is hammered as well. Very strange.

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