Monday, November 13, 2006

Life On The Road

Well, I can't say much for the culinary world here in Danville. The two or three hotels here are all clustered right off I74 ( goodly ways from town) and the only dining to be seen is the Big Boy. I think this is some kind of spin off from Shoney's or something. Not too exciting. Typical road food. Burgers, and some new taste sensations from south of the border like Chicken with Salsa and cheese and pepper quesadillas, etc. I made the mistake of having the Fiesta Chicken Salad. It was pretty much some well done chicken breast (can you say dry?)over iceberg lettuce and some shredded cheese. It did come with some soggy corn chips though, and a side of salsa. There might have been some chili powder on the chicken too.

Not nice.

To top it all off this county is DRY so I couldn't even have a glass of wine or even a beer to wash it down with.

Pretty much your typical travel day from hell. Up at 230a to catch the 7am flight to Indy. Just as we are about to board. Cancelled for mechanical reasons. Did manage to standby on the next flight at 9am and only my Platinum status on Delta got me a seat. Didn't get started at the client until 2p so I lost 3 hours today.

I think it is bedtime even though it is only 9p my time and 8 local. I get very confused with the time here since Indiana voted this year not to observe Daylight time and stays on eastern time all year even though they are in the central time zone. Danviille is right on the Indiana-Illinois line so it is on Central time.

I should be back in Atlanta tomorrow night and it may be vwery, vwery quiet here until then.

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