Thursday, November 02, 2006

Thanks Earl

I’m getting really tired of all the serious stuff with war and politics so I found some food stuff to talk about.

Seems Steve Gilliard has a list of his favorite 10 sandwiches up and Lindsay Beyerstein has done the same. Since food is my thing I don't want to be left out. So here is my list of favorites. These are not in absolute order of preference but close…

1) First and foremost has be the classic BLT which must be on toasted bread with very crisp bacon and lots of Kraft Miracle Whip. Don't skimp on the bacon!

2) Cream cheese blended with minced green olives…you know the kind with pimentos on really good pumpernickel. I like lots of olives.

3) Meatball and marinara sauce with provolone in a hollowed out baguette. The best of these used to come a place called Dixie Subs in Colonial Heights, Va. They had a special tool for pulling out the soft middle of the baguette and they would then fill it with meatballs and sauce.

4) Italian sausage with grilled peppers and onions on a good hard roll. Should be cooked over an open fire and you should use the hot Italian sausage.

5) The Muffuletta from the Central Grocery in New Orleans. A typical muffuletta consists of one muffuletta loaf, split horizontally. The loaf is then covered with a marinated olive salad, then layers of capicola, salami, mortadella, emmantaler, and provolone. The sandwich is sometimes heated through to soften the provolone.

6) Gyro from a real Greek place with lots of feta and Tzatziki

7) Real Italian Grinder. Got to be good bread (not Subway) and the sandwich should be soaking wet with oil and vinegar dressing.

8) Sliced cucumber and brie on a thin baguette. You can get these from the little kiosks in train stations in Europe and boy are they good.

9) Leftover Thanksgiving turkey on homemade white bread, lettuce and a good slather of Kraft Miracle Whip and don’t forget the freshly ground black pepper.

10 Last but not least….Pulled BBQ Pork(N.C. Style) on a toasted bun with good coleslaw.

Of course I left off some other favorites such as a chili and slaw dog from the Varsity, the Rhea’s special from Rhea’s right here in Roswell, Ga. (a freshly made burger on sliced and grilled French bread with the works) and many others.

Do you have some favorite sandwiches? I am always looking for ideas.

Did I mention a Shrimp or oyster Po’ Boy? I could go on and on…..

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