Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Last Shoe has Fallen

Now there is no doubt. Now there is no question. Both Conrad Burns and George Allen have conceded their races in Montana and Virginia and the Senate is officially ours. Now that is what you call a mandate for change. All I can say is that the new majority leaders in the House and Senate better not forget that the American people want a change of direction. We will not tolerate more of the same crap from them and we expect some action on minimum wages, homeland security, health care and all the rest. We also expect some damn oversight of the faux cowboy in the Whitehouse. He has strutted around thumbing his nose at the Constitution for six years without anybody feeling it necessary to ride herd on his incompetent ass. We expect him to be on a very short leash for the next two years.

It has been twelve long and painful years since the Democrats controlled both houses of Congress and we intend for this horse to be ridden.

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