Friday, November 10, 2006

Thanks and a Promise

Updated below.

Today or tomorrow is Veteran's Day, and as a veteran myself it has meaning beyond a flag on the garage and a sticker in the window. This is especially true in light of the changes just effected at the polls. All of the veterans, me, my father, my grandfather, my great-grandfather and on and on have tried their best to do what is right for the country. In the last few years it has become quite apparent that the current administration, while happy to spend our blood in Iraq, is not all that grateful for the sacrifices we have made. Benefits have been cut and access to healthcare reduced. Soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan are finding that there are no resources available to help them transition back into everyday society. It is a tragedy that will shortly be remedied.

I heard a story that on Election Day, Jim Webb and his brother along with a couple of staffers who had served our nation in uniform walked around in the rainy drizzle in Arlington National Cemetery among our fallen heroes for a few hours. You have to ask yourself why these men would spend a soggy and miserable afternoon doing this. This was not a publicity stunt…there were no reporters and cameras. To me that speaks volumes about his priorities while waiting for election results. While many are unaware, because it was not a campaign issue, Jim Webb's son is currently serving in Iraq, and I will guarantee you that he understands the fear, pride and respect military families and friends feel daily as they watch the news and pray for their loved ones.

We now have a new leadership in Congress. In January there is going to be more thoughtful and committed leadership. They are committed to making things better for our troops and their families. These are not hollow promises for political gain. There is reason to hope that with the addition of the experienced voices of Jim Webb and Joe Sestak and all the other fighting Democrats that have just been elected, our veterans will have a renewed voice in Washington.

While the honor and purity of our noble nation has been sullied in the past 6 years it does not diminish the sacrifice and dedication of our veterans past and present. We that are benefiting from your sacrifice are truly thankful and are dedicated to insure that it was not in vain.

For those folks who are currently in uniform and in the field stay safe and know that we are thinking of you daily. We honor your sacrifices today, and we know that with our efforts it will be better for all of us in the days to come.

Update: The pictures are of my grandfather WWI Navy, My Uncle, WWII Army-Air Force killed in action over Germany, and lastly my father WWII Navy SeaBee and wounded at Pearl Harbor and then again in the Pacific. Thanks guys and thanks to Sumo for reminding me that I had some pictures that should be posted.

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