Thursday, January 19, 2006

Coincidence is Amazing

I guess the last 5 years have turned me into a complete cynic when it comes to these convenient messages from Osama. The continuous stream of lies, misdirections and obfuscation coming out of this administration makes me distrust everything.

How many times since 9/11, when things were not cheery for the Whitehouse, has been bin Laden popped up threatening us with more strikes in the "homeland". Is it too hard to imagine that there is some studio somewhere in the bowels of Ft. Meade or somewhere that has enough canned video footage of Osama coupled with some kick ass computers and image/sound software that they can't generate whatever they want to play to the rubes? I am not saying this tape is manufactured but with their track record I just can't in all honesty put it past them.

Granted this is probably completely whacko but I can't help feeling like we are being manipulated and what we do discover about the manipulation is merely meant to distract us from the real truth.

Dwell a moment on about what you have seen as special effects in the movies over the last few years, which is produced on civilian hardware and tell me that the U.S. Intelligence community with its virtually unlimited budget can't produce something that would blow your socks off.

Just sayin'

UPDATE: 2040 PST - Looks like Barbara over at Mahablog is on the same wavelength as yours truly and she is smarter than I.
If it weren’t for the fact it was released on al Jazeera, I’d wonder if the new bin Laden tape hadn’t been fabricated in the White House basement. The last time we heard from him, I believe, was on the eve of the 2004 elections. And here he is again, just when Georgie needs a diversion from this little Fourth Amendment problem.

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