Monday, January 30, 2006

On the Fence

Back in Sunnyvale and trying to catch up on the stuff going on around the blogosphere.

John at Americablog has some excellent points with repsect to why this last minute filibuster will likely prove to be damaging to the Dems. I tend to agree with him and others that insist the left/dems/progressives have not done the background work necessary to make the politics of a filibuster work to the dems advantage. We'll just have to wait and see.

The arguments that you can win through losing are at face persuasive but fundamentally shallow if you haven't prepared the ground to accept the arguments you are losing with. The nuances of this argument seem to be too difficult for a lot of people to understand and that is one of the reasons we need to very careful before we put our necks on the line.

That being said I am still inclined to charge forward and try and mitigate the damage a little later.

I am actually too tired to be trying to reason through all of the arguments right now but my instinct is telling me that we still need to make our best effort to try and stop the Alito confirmation.

Maybe after a reasonable nights sleep I will be able to articulate this better.

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