Monday, January 30, 2006

Fight the Fight that Needs Fighting

Ok. I have now had some sleep and a chance to think a little more about the effectiveness or value of spending so many silver bullets against the confirmation of Alito. I think the politics are important and the field could have been better prepared. You know, the television ads and print editorials and making it clear from the get go that a fight was due.
I think, however, that the overriding issue is to make a stand no matter how doomed to failure it is. We may take some heat for it with the ostructionist label etc. but I think the value from a filibuster is that it gets people aware that it this is not going to be a slam dunk for the forces of darkness that Bush and company want it to be.
All that said I think the biggest win for us would be if we could delay, just until after the SOTU, and wipe some of that smirk off GW's face during the speech.

Several people have floated the idea that Harry Reid gather his troops and get every democrat to filibuster for just long enough to delay cloture long enough to push the confirmation vote to Wednesday.
Think about all the talking heads discussing the fact that the Dems have banded together to make sure the American people know how bad we feel Alito is for the future of the regular guy.
This is going to be an interesting week.

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