Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A Very Long List

The next time one of the defenders of the status quo say something about Jack Abramoff giving money to both sides of the aisle you can whip out the very long list of donations made. There was a lot of money dolled out to a lot of candidates and special interest groups, and Newsmeat (via AMERICAblog) has the FEC list of who got what, how much and when. Please note that the list leans a "little" more toward the Rethuglican side than the Dem side.
  • Amount to Republican candidates: $172,933
  • Amount to Special Interests: $88,985
  • Amount to Democrats: $0
  • Instead of "bipartisan" we should maybe say "monopartisan" if there is such a word. Remember also that this is just the money that went across the top of the table and was reported. It doesn't even come close to tallying up the golf trips, skyboxes and who knows what else. I imagine these might make an appearance in some courtrooms though.

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