Thursday, January 26, 2006

More Touristing

The decision has been made by out guests that they want to see the Jimmy Carter National Historic site in Plains today so that is where we are going. Should take a couple of hours to get there from here north of Atlanta. I think I will try and find time to swing by Andersonville and see the Prisoner of War museum as well. I have been there once and it is worth the stop.
Been to Plains a couple of times but that was before it was a proper National Park so I am looking forward to it. Jimmy is the only President of the U.S. that I have ever met and shaken hands with, on several occasions no less, and I have just finished his latest book. The timing is right and I have always felt that his presidency was underrated and now, when you compare it to the disaster we are experiencing now, it was positively brilliant.

So anyhow, no posting today while I entertain but I haven't been drafted for anything tomorrow so we'lll try and catch up with all the goings on then.

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