Sunday, January 29, 2006

Quick Catchup

Here I am again crunched for time. Still have to go to the cleaners and pick up last minute stuff and finish packing and make sure the banking is caught up and all the bills scheduled.
I just want to take a moment and remind everyone how important it is to call you Senators and let them know you believe that Alito is not the best choice for America. This thing is difficult but doable. Just do it.
On another note Mustang Bobby has a good reminder up that we have a great opportunity as progressives to change the direction this nation is heading. We cannot, however, do it while sitting on our hands waiting for our saviour to appear. It is going to take activism and involvement and insuring that the electorate knows that the progressive answer is the right answer.
I should have some time when I get to some more catching up this evening when I get to Sunnyvale.

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