Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Amazing Bullshit

I am horribly busy all week but I couldn't pass this up. via Americablog.

Debra Saunders writes one of the most assinine things I have ever read. She is effect blaming Cindy Sheehan for the needless deaths in Irag. It's not Bushe's fault all these young men and women have died for no reason it's the fault of all the people who have finally begun to realize that we were tricked into war by a liar who refuses to admit that a horrible mistake has been made and doesn't have the courage to face up to his responsibility.
Here is a quote from Debra;
Which is what makes Cindy Sheehan's encampment in Texas so bizarre: No one can be unmoved by Sheehan's horrific loss. That said, Bush didn't kill her son. Casey Sheehan died at age 24 at the hands of men who routinely slaughter innocent children and civilians on principle.

If Bush did what Cindy Sheehan wants him to do, not only would some 1,800 soldiers have died in Iraq for no reason -- worse, their deaths will have served the unhappy function of signaling to terrorists that if they kill enough U.S. troops, the White House will cut and run.

As they have been know to say here in California "Gag me with a spoon!"

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