Thursday, August 11, 2005

Lost Cause

While I am aghast at the right wing effort to slime Mrs. Sheehan I can't help but feel sorry for the worthless and clueless bastards. They haven't realized yet that a grieving mother's frustration and search for meaning in the death of her son is a universal absolute and untouchable. Nothing they can do will dull the edge or mitigate the damage she and her cause will do to the naked one. The longer he refuses to confront the devil he has summoned with the war the more negative the energy will become. I am not even sure that he can recover even now. Maybe if he walked the miles from the ranch to where she is and knelt in the dust at her feet in tears and begged her for forgiveness and promised to do everything in his power to shut down the Iraq debacle he might change the karma of the confrontation but that is his only chance. He is losing this fight. We can pretty much safely assume he does not have the moral fiber necessary to prostrate himself at her feet and beg for forgiveness. He is a proven coward and the spots are pretty much permanent.

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