Saturday, August 27, 2005


Successfully made it to Memphis, so we are half way to the goal. Got here early enough in the afternoon to take in a few tourist things.The Rock and Soul Museum is worth a stop. It highlights the other musical forces from Memphis besides Elvis. Sam and Dave, Carl Perkins, Roy Orbison, and all the others. Stax, Sun and Hi records. WDIA, the first black format radio station. Personally, Beale Street is a is just a block of tourist traps and though there is a lot of music blaring there doesn't seem to be a lot of soul in the background. Seems artificial and contrived.

The one thing I did manage to do was have ribs at Corky's on Poplar. I must say, modest person that I am, that these ribs are almost as good as mine. This is great praise, remember that I lavish days of tender loving care on a couple of slabs at a time and Cork's probably cooks a ton or more a day. Smoky, juicy, falling of the bone. Mighty fine. Make sure you get them Memphis style with the dry rub. They will ship them via Federal Express if you can't come to the source but I can't guarantee how good they will be.

Next the back woods of northern Arkansas. We are going to a small retirement community just north of Bentonville and right on the Missouri line. I know it is dangerously close to the corporate home of the great beast Wal-Mart but i have charms in the pocket to help ward and besides I should have enough booze to dull the karmic pain that emanates from the place. If not I will send up the flag.

I will try and post as the week goes by and I see how badly my handicap has deteriorated over the last 6 months.

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