Monday, August 15, 2005

Wrong Target

I am not going to dive into the Cindy Sheehan thing again as I have made my point and there are way too many better writers doing a fine job already. Besides I am swamped and need to pay attention to the real job. I just want to make one tiny, tiny point.
The right wing slime operation is shooting itself in the foot, quickly reloading and doing it again and again. How long to you think it is going to take them to realize that Cindy is no longer important and that she has done what she needs to do. She still needs to complete her vigil but that is a personal thing and will only add so much to the story. What Cindy has done is get the BIG questions out there and get the rest of the nation asking them as well. These BIG questions cannot be slimed.
Why are our sons and daughters dying in Iraq?

When are they going to come home?
Are they dying in vain?
Why did you lie to the American people in order to start this war?
When are you going to face up to the fact that you and your minions are miserable failures?
Are you ever going to accept responsibility for what may be the largest and costliest foriegn policy failure in the history of the country?
If it is such a noble cause why aren't your daughters over there?
and on and on.

Cindy has managed to get the rest of the country asking..good job Cindy.

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