Thursday, August 04, 2005

I Made It

Well I did make it to San Jose and Sunnyvale but it has been a long day and I am too tired to spend a lot of time here tonight. I did take a look around blogworld and I must say it pretty much didn't change much today.
Bush and company are still assholes.
More of our best have died in Iraq.
I guess a good note is the closeness of the special election in Ohio. Hackett deserves all our thanks for standing up for what he and we believe and still almost won. This is the way I think it will have to be if the progressive-liberal side is going to make any inroads. We have to clearly state what we want the future of the United States to be and how we intend to make it so. We need to relentlessly point out the failures of the current administration and actively show the electorate how we would do it different.
I think Dean sees it this way as well.

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