Monday, August 01, 2005


I was reading the AJC this morning and came across an article discussing how a strong possibility exists that Rove and Libby et al have some chance of pulling the same trick that North and Poindexter did over Iran-Contra. Of course, again, this will be with the help of their idealogical soul mates in Congress. Here is the deal. Launch a Congressional inquiry into the deal and then in the interest of "getting to the bottom" of the whole scandal grant them immunity from prosecution for their cooperation with the Congressional investigation. Lawrence Walsh had Ollie North and Poindexter convicted until he ran up against the Congressional immunity and the two went scott free. The real crime was that they only revealed anything incriminating about their own participation and nothing about all their cohorts' crimes. Nobody really got punished for the crimes of Iran-Contra as a result. It is a prtty slick way to avoid criminal prosecution if you have whores in Congress on your side. Notice that Congress is already making noises in this direction. Therefore, don't be surprised if no one winds up paying for the intelligence disaster of outing Valerie Plame.

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