Tuesday, August 23, 2005

What He Says

Digby responds to Matt's wishy-washy view of what is needed to regain our country going forward. I agree completely with everything he says and recommend everyone read it, think about it and agree that it is time we come to the game to win and that the old strategies of letting them define us is a proven recipe for failing. Change the rules and win the game.
What we should be debating is how we win elections. The base of the party is ready to support anyone who is willing to speak in clear, straighforward terms about the contrast between the Republicans and the Democrats and they believe that it could be a winning electoral strategy to do that. Certainly, they are extremely impatient with the split the difference, triangulation strategies that have failed to win majorities for the last several election cycles.

That, I think, is the real question here. Will our "shrillness" help or hurt the party? I think the netroots believes it's time to try a message that has a little more heat than lukewarm water. The establishment, still smarting from their seminal loss in 1972, is scared to death of anything that resembles real passion. Far more than a serious division in the party over specific policy, that, I think is the real fault line. What kind of politics --- not policies --- do the Democrats think will win?

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