Monday, August 22, 2005

Ten Steps

Juan Cole offers Ten Steps for the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq. They seem to make sense to me especially in light of what is happening with the "budding democracy". If I remember correctly one of the overriding reason for not taking out Saddam in the first Gulf War was the fear that the vacuum of his departure would more than likely trigger an Isamlic state with the Shiites taking control a Shiite Theocracy as it were. It also seems to me that this was run up the flagpole pre Bush "step on crank". Amazing how the "reality based" crowd was ignored by the hawks that insisted that the Iraqi's had no love for shariah.
Now in the desparation to get a constitution, any constitution, the Americans behind the scene in Iraq are agreeing that having shariah as the main influence in the new constitution is what has to be and therefore what we will have is a Shiite Theocracy. This is such a mind blowing disaster that the words escape me.

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