Friday, August 12, 2005


Sometimes you just stand back and your mouth hangs open and you say "Holy Jeebus". Mark Morford is just so amazing I am sometime left dumbfounded. The pregnant words just seem to come so easily. I am truly in awe of his writing and I get a quick thrill when his latest shows up in my email. Fer intance Wednesday...
I am most intolerant of, well, of those who allow such intolerance. Of those who would, based on their narrow views of sex, God, love, hope, war, the mind, the Earth, soil and animals and air and water and fire and love and spirit and drugs and guns and dildos, work to legislate those neoconservative beliefs, codify them, make them the law of the land, force their regressive beliefs on everyone else under punishment of violence and beatings and prison. I am, in short, intolerant of intolerance.

Oh, let us be clear. I love diversity, religious pluralism, peace and love and pacifism and good drugs and open-mouthed sensuality, happy to let you believe in any god you like and marry any gender you like and let you love how you will and be in full control of your sex and your body and your mind.

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