Friday, August 26, 2005

Piling Up

Did you ever notice how everything seems to wait until a couple of days before you are going on a week holiday to happen? Well, that is the situation for yours truly and why there has been no activity here for the last couple of days. There is plenty to talk about... just no time. I am just trying to get out of town, see some friends and play a little golf before I have to hit the international road again for the rest of the year. Off to Japan for the balance of September week after next, a week home and then to Lyon for a couple of weeks and then the U.K for the balance of the year except for the Thanksgiving break.
I think everybody knows that my presence in the U.S. will be limited for the next few months and they want everything in the next couple of days.
Anyhow, long and busy day today, travel to Memphis the next and on to Northern Arkansas for the week with a side trip to St. Louis to see the steamship Arabia museum then back and pack for Japan leaving the 7th. The only highlight here is that this is a part of Japan I have never visited before and am looking forward to exploring something besides Tokyo.

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