Monday, August 22, 2005

Not Time to Hide

The following quote from a good piece by David Sirota at the Huffington Post really pisses me off. What do these elitist so called Democrats think is wrong anyway. Until the we stand up and tell the Neocon Bush assministration that we are tired of being lied to and we are tired of our troops dying for no reason then there is nothing to differentiate us from the sheep that voted for it. Can they not see the sympathetic vibrations emanating from the Cindy Sheehan event? We are on the cusp of a revolution in American thought and every effort needs to be made to push toward that horizon. The nation is beginning to see what the rest of the world has seen from the beginning and that is that the emperor has no clothes. It is time, and has been, to fight back not hide in the corner.

[T]he Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) is once again undermining the Democratic Party. This time, it has "accused war critics of 'anti-American bias'" (wonder if that includes Vietnam War hero and Republican Senator Chuck Hagel?). This is a pristine example of self-proclaimed Democrats literally regurgitating the most offensive and dishonest right-wing spin out there. There is nothing "anti-American" about wanting to bring our troops home. (Frankly, it's the other way around: there is something "anti-American soldier" about wanting to indefinitely leave our troops in a shooting gallery without an exit strategy, without proper body armor, and without any semblance of a plan). The DLC's rhetoric is reminiscent of Attorney General John Ashcroft's now-famous statement that critics of the Bush administration "only aid terrorists for they erode our national unity and diminish our resolve." It is also frighteningly reminiscent of the 9/8/03 Washington Post story that noted Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said that "critics of the Bush administration's Iraq policy are encouraging terrorists and complicating the ongoing U.S. war on terrorism."

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