Saturday, August 06, 2005

Left The Building

Well we are back from Cornelia, GA and the 28th Annual Big "E" Festival. There is a historic boarding house there called the Loudermilk that has been turned into a museum of all things Elvis. While the boarding house itself is on the National Register of Historic Places I am not sure the register is meaning to publicize the Elvis museum as well. the creator/curator of this paen to The King is Joni Mabe(pictured above) and the major claim to fame for the museum is a display of what is purported to be a wart from Elvis. I am not sure of the provenance.
Anyhow to get back to the festival, there is a big contest of Elvis tribute artists and the winner receives a thousand bucks. Needless to say we sat through a rather long parade of "tribute artists" this afternoon and I am just a little shell shocked. The things a man will do to please his bride!

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