Thursday, December 13, 2007

Double Rats on AOL

I mentioned a while back that I had spent the better part of a day bringing the local Historical Society into the century by getting them up and going on DSL. They were using AOL for email and have been for years. Now I have them set up on Outlook Express(no comment) but there is one problem. Since they were using AOL all of their contacts are in AOL mail and there is no provision that I can find to export them in any way that I can get them moved to Outlook. Bummer! You can import all day into AOL but way.
I am going to have to spend a couple of hours creating a manual CSV file of their contacts in AOL so that I can import them into Outlook. I am hoping I can capture their contacts webpage with Grab-It and then just do a little cutting and formating. We shall see.

If anyone knows a better way I am all ears.

Update: I should have said "Snag-It" not "Grab-It".

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