Friday, December 07, 2007

Hubbard's Hooey

The Germans are getting ready to ban Scientology. They currently only recognize it as an organization not a religion and this is the next step to ridding Germany of it altogether. It is about time someone took a positive step toward putting this bunch of claptrap into its proper place.

L.Ron Hubbard was a hack science fiction writer who stumbled upon a collection of hooey that other people, for some unknown reason, felt compelled to accept as some kind of religious insight.
The whole thing is bullshit of the highest order and Hubbard went to his grave laughing at the idiots whole sucked it up lock, stock and barrel. He didn't mind counting the money though.

The whole "movement" is a huge embarrassment to thinking humans and it is embarrassing as well that the Germans are the first to recognize it as the claptrap it is. Scientology more than other belief systems pushes the adherent farther and farther away from accepting the universe and the infinite power of living in the now. It is egocentric and destroys the personality.

Full disclosure. I have friends that follow it and we have reached an "unsaid" agreement that I won't discuss it with them. We have had a few episodes, years ago, where they tried to defend it and failed miserably. In the interest of friendship it is a verbotten subject when we are together.

I know, I know as a practitioner of Zen I should let it be but for some reason it just really pisses me off and it makes me mad when I see my friends accepting the precepts so willingly and without any clear thought and meditation. These are otherwise smart and wonderful people and I guess it pains me to see them wander so far from the clarity and peace.

The Goddess knows we all need more clarity and peace in our lives.

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