Monday, December 03, 2007

Whoops! Lying Again

I guess I shouldn't be surprised but once again the Bush/Cheney bunch has done so. The NIE report just released reveals that Iran scrapped its Nuke weapons program in 2003. The report has evidently been complete for more than a year but wasn't released because the White House, in the form of Cheney, didn't want anything to put a damper on his rush to war with Iran.

In my book that is treason. The only question that remains is why the report finally came out over the objections of Darth Cheney. Kevin Drum speculates that someone(s) in Congress got wind of what was in the report and went ballistic. It makes sense as I can't see how anyone else could swing the the release over the White House objection.

You know that Bush knew the contents of the report even as he was warning us of WWIII just a month ago or so. It sure seems to be that this is another case of a bald faced lie to the American people and I sure as hell think it is an impeachable offense. Granted there are no blow jobs involved(that we know of) but still it seems like fanning the flames of war when you know what you are saying is total crap... but really what is it going to take?

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