Monday, December 03, 2007

Tar Heels Too!

While I have been focusing on the problems here in North Georgia and Atlanta it is also beginning to be a big problem for the Raleigh and Durham areas as well. They have water problems too. Looks like they are down to less than two months worth of water as well.

DURHAM - With central North Carolina suffering through the worst drought on record and a projected dry winter ahead, the Triangle is as close as it has ever been to severe restrictions limiting water use to hygiene and extinguishing fires.

Durham, with just 59 days left in its main water supply, could be on the front lines of this worst-case scenario.

Up to now, the prospect has been too far-fetched to entertain in detail, which is why there are few specifics in Durham ordinances about what would happen if the drought doesn't let up. Raleigh also lacks a set plan for an end-times-type drought.

I still don't think the majority of people here in the metro Atlanta area realize that if something major(as in monsoons) doesn't happen pretty damn quickly then we are not going to get anything out of our taps except some gurgling sounds. There was some talk in the paper this weekend of running a pipe up to Chattanooga and tapping the Tennessee River which has about 10 to 15 times the flow of the Chattahoochee but I think the Tennessee folks might have some issues with that. Even if they let us, how long would that take?

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