Sunday, December 16, 2007

I Asked For It.

Well, I whined about the weather last week. Complained about the 70's. Today it never crawled above 38 and the wind is pretty much constant. The front did bring in some rain yesterday and at times it was pretty heavy. The weather folks say had .93 inches yesterday which is nice. Tonight will see the low twenties. Pretty radical change from just two days ago.

Madam and I are off to see a Celtic Christmas Music thing at Emory U. tonight. The chill in the air should make it seem more the season. I have a hard time keeping positive this time of year. I enjoy things about the holiday but a lot of the really special stuff seems to have gone away. Not having a lot of immediate family left is a big part of it I guess but there is also a sense of panic or something that I see in everyone that really brings me down. Gotta buy, gotta have.

Spent the better part of the afternoon taking the PC out of Madam's work room. She wasn't using it and it was just cluttering up her desk. Still a nice Dell P4 with a good sized HD. I guess it will go to Goodwill or something. If anyone needs a good PC speak up. I did wipe the hard drive to nothing using the internal ATA security erase so it is spanking clean. I did learn something today about hard drives. All of the recent drives made over the last few years have an internal security erase built in that is normally disabled by the system bios. There is a freeware utility that will let you use it (HDDerase) and it meets all standards for wiping a disk and is actually more secure than many of the programs that just overwrite everything. Cool.

Anyhow, gotta go get dressed for the show. Hope the rest of your weekend is nice.

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