Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Wisdom of the Elders

For those of you not regular visitors over Adgitadiaries, M and T have another worthy post that shouldn't be missed. The drivel I post over here is so much less than what you will find on a regular basis over there.

But, hey----in the end run, those of us who heralded the Revolution of the 60’s, thinking it would bring a New World Order, were wrong for all the right reasons. The right reasons were true to The Age of Aquarius. The old order that has undermined America for nearly half a century is killing the golden goose, and we are living through the last gasps of road kill. “To the crooked wits of tyrants when they call” we say ‘bring it on.' We’ve been there before and willingly pay the price again. Millions of us are patriots, diverse in mindset and opinion, but we share in common loyalty to the foundations of our common union, mindful of the treasures of our freedoms and the beloved Republic for Which They Stand.

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