Sunday, December 30, 2007

Lost Weekend

Madam and I have had a "lost Sunday. We slept late, had a casual breakfast, casually and thoroughly read the paper and then proceeded to watch any number of movies on DVD. Nothing earthshaking and nothing in danger of an Academy Award but mostly enjoyable movies nonetheless. I won't review all the titles but take my word for it...miss Underdog(which only survived for about 15 minutes).

It has rained all day today here (hooray!) so it was not much of day to be out and so we vegetated. Tomorrow is the last day of the year and my last day of forced vacation. Our sales team closed some great deals in the final hours of 2007 (one of which was the biggest in the company's history) so it looks like I'll have work in the coming year so things are on the straight and narrow. I'll have something more to say about 2007 and 2008 tomorrow but for now it is only one day until the TYOTEOB.(The Year of the End of Bush) and I for one am looking forward to counting the days.

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