Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Welcome to The Third World

Is it just me or have we gradually been slipping to the level of a third-world country in many repsects? Not that I watch the traditional media that much but you would think Oprah or somebody would have done a show about this or that we would have had an article or two in the newspaper(which I do read).

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Roundworms may infect close to a quarter of inner city black children, tapeworms are the leading cause of seizures among U.S. Hispanics and other parasitic diseases associated with poor countries are also affecting Americans, a U.S. expert said on Tuesday.

Recent studies show many of the poorest Americans living in the United States carry some of the same parasitic infections that affect the poor in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, said Dr. Peter Hotez, a tropical disease expert at George Washington University and editor-in-chief of the Public Library of Science journal PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases.

Writing in the journal, Hotez said these parasitic infections had been ignored by most health experts in the United States.

“I feel strongly that this is such an important health issue and yet because it only affects the poor it has been ignored,” Hotez said via e-mail.

Just another symptom of a country without a single payer health care system where everyone has access to proper health care.

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