Thursday, December 20, 2007

Why So Many?

This is silly but I have been stewing on this since yesterday when I had to run to CVS for some things. I travel so much and spend so much time in hotels that I rarely have to buy things like shampoo. I finally used up the regular bottle of shampoo I use on weekends at home so shampoo was on my list. I was amazed at the variety of shampoo on the shelf...there must have been hundreds. All of a sudden the rainbow of bottles and flavors just leaped out at me as a perfect symbol of the absurdity of what we have become in this country.

Is there really a need for so many varieties of shampoo. Are we all so particular and different that we need some special quality in a shampoo? Can't the chemical companies or whoever get it right? They can't take all the different formulations(if there are any) and come up with the best shampoo that they can make? Can't they make a shampoo that cleans your hair as well as it can be cleaned and just leave it at that. I'll even let them make one with conditioner and one without. Surely, if they just had to produce one or two shampoo's they could save a lot of money on production and advertising and we could all get a good shampoo for a reasonable price.

While I am at it...what is the deal with toothpaste? Can't Colgate and P&G make a single good toothpaste that is the best toothpaste they can make. Maybe offer it in mint and cinnamon but do they have to make it such a bewildering mess to choose a toothpaste? I just want the best toothpaste modern science can make and that's all.

There, I got that off my chest.

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