Monday, December 18, 2006

All I Can Say

It has been a very busy day and I am just now winding down and getting a chance to blog around and see what everyone is about. My quicky previous post hooked one anonymous commenter who didn't see the snark flag flying but I have responded and he or she should know that I am dead serious when it come to protecting the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and I only joke about denying someone the right to vote.

Anyhow, I have been wandering the Internet and reading all the great writing and reaping the fruit of some really good thinkers. I don't agree with everything I read but it does stimulate the thought processes.

I have nibbled at the edges of this with several posts in the last few weeks but my thinking is starting to congeal around the perimeter and I am going to try again to express one more time the part of the misgivings and fears I have about the near term for America.

First of all, somewhere in the backwaters of my mind, I have been reserving some measure of deference or respect or false hope or insanity in hoping that George W. Bush will overcome all of his shortcomings and rise, at least part of the way, to his position as leader of the greatest country on earth. I have now reached the point where I believe that the last shred of hope for a revelation of humanity on the part of George W Bush is dead. I am struggling now with how to define my total lack of hope with respect to this pseudo man. How do you quantify the soulless contempt this Bush has shown for human life both American and Iraqi? How can you put into words pregnant enough with venom your disgust for his dismissal of the will of the American people and their complete repudiation of his failed adventure in Iraq? What words are poisonous enough to reflect the insanity now that he's contemplating an escalation and sending more American children to a death in a far away land that hates us and our presence?

I tolerated a lot of people chiding me to patience and respect arguing that he was basically a solid man of faith stubbornly defending us from the horror of Islam. I don't get much of that any more as I think these folks are coming to the realization that he's a dangerous psycho and will carry all of us to hell with him. If rumor holds true he is going to go in exactly the opposite direction that all of the world, America included, wants him to go? I knew in the true mind that he would do it so I can't say that I was for real and for true surprised but the impending and brutal reality of what is to come is truly unthinkable.

So here we are. Bush is a criminal failure whose unwillingness to admit he's wrong has killed thousands of America's best and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians contemplating killing thousands more.

What are we to do? Impeachment is a bad idea, not because I don't think he's a criminal and not because I don't think he doesn't deserve it. Impeachment is messy and time consuming and I want the Democrats using this opportunity to begin to change things. I want a minimum wage law passed. I want my civil rights back. I want to consider a single payer health system. I want some damn governing and oversight and I want it now. They can't do both. They can't pursue impeachment and still be the government we voted for. America is facing a crisis and the world is facing a crisis. The world is rapidly racing to destruction. Across every continent are vicious fires trying to melt away human rights and meaningful lives. We need to put out the fires first. Later, if we have time, we will impeach this despicable excuse for a man.

Let's investigate and document the crimes of this administration. Let's educate the public and find out just how much damage has been done to the Constitution and our way of life. We have to know where are so we can start putting things right. Maybe if we do the job of documenting the crimes of Bush and Cheney we will have a mandate from the American public to excise this cancer from the American dream but we should wait until it is the only thing left to do.

Finally, I do not relish the thought of saying that the President of the United States is not worthy of our respect. It strains my soul to have to say that my country is ruled by humanity's worst nightmare. However, facts are facts and the reality is that, based upon his performance so far and his obvious contempt for the will of the American people and the Constitution it is all I can say.

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