Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Still Here

I am still here but just very busy. They should have scheduled me for a couple of more days here. Two days is just not long enough to gather enough information and tweak and test. Looks like it will be another 13 or 14 hour day and I will still have to leave somethings undone.
I did manage to get a backup of the client's database and will be able to continue testing after I leave. The only trouble is that this client is the last one on this version of software and I will be testing on the latest which is packed with a lot more functionality than the installed one. Interestingly, I can run the entire client application on my laptop faster than their server based version runs.

Oh well so much for techy talk. Good weather for this trip...high fifties in the afternoon which is very nice for this time of year in Mass. Could be cold and snowing.
In the small amount of news I am catching while getting ready it looks like things are still in the toilet in Iraq with 60+ blasted this morning while standing around looking for work. I bet their families are really glad that Bush is looking for a "New Way Forward". I am afraid to say that I have to constantly guard myself from getting hardened to this daily dose of bad news. It is really easy to start accepting the constant barrage of tragedy as the status quo. I am sure the Whitehouse crowd is expecting and counting on a large number of Americans to become desensitized to this ongoing tragedy and that is why they are so angry at the media for reminding us daily that the war is still going on. Of course, the media is not doing a very good job of really showing us the depth of the insanity and pain the Iraqi people are experiencing and it is not really hitting home as it should. The front page of the papers and the first thing on the evening news should be on the loss of American and Iraqi lives.

Well, time to get my self in gear and get to the client. Fortunately it is just around the corner from the hotel and I don't have to get out on the turnpike. Traffic is pretty brutal at rush hour around here.

Everyone have a great day.

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