Wednesday, December 20, 2006

No Confidence

After reviewing the synopsis of 'The Decider's" news conference I have come to the conclusion that we need a change to the Constitution that allows the Congress or either house to issue a 'Resolution of No Confidence' with respect to the Executive Branch. There are a lot of other democracies or constitutional republics like ours that have this ability.

This would be stronger than a censure and less severe than impeachment but would be a strong statement with respect to the governance offered by the President.

I am open as to whether such a vote of 'No Confidence' would require a new election as it does in other countries.

We are now at a point in this failed presidency and at such a record low in public confidence that I believe we need something to get George Bush's attention.

Anybody have any thoughts?

Updated: Just added a few thoughts after I hit the publish button.

Direct quotes from you know who at today's press conference:

"I'm willing to follow a path that will lead to victory…"

"…put a path in place that will lead to success."

"We'll accomplish our objectives."

And what, exactly, is this path of which you speak? Can you show us the way?

You have objectives? Is there a list? Can we get some detail and the steps you plan on taking to achieve them?

Since we have had three years of a downward spiral in Iraq, can you share with the American public any hint as to when we might actually be starting down this "path"?

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