Sunday, December 17, 2006

Local Color

If you would like to see how some of the historic homes here in Roswell, GA are decorated for Christmas. You can go to this link and play the Windows Media File. In the last home, Bulloch Hall is Madam Monk's effort using the Alice in Wonderland theme. For a moment you even get to her showing a pop up book. She has been decorating in this home for years as the representative of the Historical Society and each year is a different theme for the whole house. This year it was children's books and Madam is an Alice enthusiast. This year she even went to the Alice shop in Oxford, England to get stuff for the room while she was visiting friends in the U.K. She is also notorious for hiding Elvis somewhere in the decorations each year and part of the deal is trying to find "The King". This year he is in the chess set with all the Alice characters and of course he is in the King's position.

P.S. Bulloch Hall is on the National Register of Historic Places and is famous both for being one of the few antebellum homes in the south to survive Sherman's march to the sea and for being the family home of Mittie Bulloch who married Theodore Roosevelt, Sr. and became the mother of President Teddy Roosevelt.

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