Wednesday, December 06, 2006

U.S. Number One in Unequal

OK the house guests are on their way back to Arkansas. These are very dear and long time friends and we always have a good time. That is, of course, if I keep my mouth shut. My friends are pretty wealthy and I am sorry to say confirmed conservative Republicans. We get along great as long as I don't mention politics or say anything too liberal or progressive. You can guess that I didn't say anything about this
The richest 2 per cent of adults own more than half the world’s wealth, according to the most comprehensive study of personal assets.


The richest 10 per cent of adults accounted for 85 per cent of assets. The bottom 50 per cent of the world’s adults owned barely 1 per cent of global wealth.


In terms of wealth distribution the US was among the most unequal, whereas Japan had one of the lowest levels of inequality. Britain ranked with Russia, Indonesia and Pakistan in wealth inequality.

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