Friday, December 29, 2006

I Might Be Slow But I'm Ahead of You

Do you ever wonder how the "Great Decider" speaks of us, the American people, when he is not surrounded by the sycophant media? Can you imagine him standing alone and staring out the window across the land with tears welling in his eyes and humbly thanking God for the privilege of leading this great nation? Do you see him kneeling by his bed at night and begging his creator for the strength of his convictions and for guidance in leading us onward and upward?

Probably not.

If you are like me you see him strutting across the room and feeling superior to us stupid savages. Just look at them, he would say, "How dare they question my leadership and my wisdom, don't they know I am God's appointed one?" "Look at the poor ignorant bastards, living from paycheck to paycheck, worrying about how they are going to pay the mortgage or the doctor's bills." "How I must suffer to lead this rabble."

Once again
he emerged from a "meeting" Thursday with his obviously incompetent National Security Team to remind us again how ignorant and stupid we are and to remind us once more how shallow we are in not being able to understand the importance of staying the course in Iraq.
“It’s important for the American people to understand that success in Iraq is vital for our own security. If we were not to succeed in Iraq, the enemy — the extremists, the radicals — would have safe haven from which to launch further attacks. They would be emboldened. They would be in a position to threaten the United States of America.”

You got that? Even though they haven't done any "decidin'" his handlers thought that we needed to have our intelligence insulted one more time. Bush himself had nothing to announce other than he had nothing to announce but his handlers sent him forth anyway just to remind us who is still "in charge."

It must be that Bush and the people around him believe we are so completely out of touch with reality and stupid that the majority of us don't recognize that they have completely screwed up everything that they have touched from day one in the White House, including this unnecessary invasion of Iraq.

They think we are so naive that we cannot recognize that a group of completely incompetent people pretending to be the President, Vice President, Secretary of State and National Security Adviser have lied and misled the country into a meaningless and unnecessary war.

Surely, we are so clueless that we cannot recognize that this group of faux leaders have painted us into a corner and left us with absolutely no options for getting out other than admitting the vastness of our mistake and leaving as best we can.

Obviously, we are completely incapable of understanding that no matter what we do, it is a tragedy for the Iraqi people now and for years to come and that we have managed to take an already volatile Middle East and destabilize it to the breaking point.

Bush and company really must think we are dodo's. They think that we don't remember that they ignored or discounted the advice of lots of smart and knowledgeable people in the run up to the debacle in Iraq.

I just want to say this before the end of the more time.

Hey George! Guess what? Most of us know you and your team are world class fuck-ups.

How do we know this George? It is actually quite simple. We know it because the evidence of your towering incompetence has been shoved in our face since the beginning...everyday.

We know it because as of today there are 2,992 dead American soldiers and over 22,000 wounded, all for no reason. We know it because there will be more tomorrow and the day after and the day after.

We know it because some of us can see quite clearly that you didn't have a plan for the occupation, or how to maintain order, or to stem sectarian violence.

We know it because, in spite of the best advice you didn't send enough troops and didn't provide the right equipment or enough funding.

We know because you can't account for billions and billions of our dollars and we can see quite clearly the waste, graft and criminal behavior of your buddies at Halliburton and others.

We know because our fellow Americans in New Orleans are still living in a waste land.

Finally, we can see quite clearly, all evidence aside, that you were never qualified to be the President and likewise none of your cabinet was qualified either. We can see that you are not going to acknowledge your responsibility for the mess that you have created. Unfortunately, we can see that you're not even intellectually able to deal with the staggering tragedy you and your minions have created.

We have two more years to suffer your weakness and incompetence and it pains us sorely. We do have one small request though, if it is not too much to ask. Please stop telling us that we don't understand. Stop lecturing us on what you think we can't see. The majority of us obviously can see quite clearly what you cannot. Let us suffer the next two years without being told how stupid we are from someone that is responsible for the greatest American tragedy.

Happy New Year

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