Saturday, December 02, 2006

Cold Snap

First really cold(cool weather in Atlanta this year. Dropped to freezing last night but now at noon it is back up to 50. Other than the coolness it is an absolutely brilliant day with not a cloud in the sky. Soon it is off for the Christmas Home Tour sponsored by the Historical Society. The three antebellum home owned by the city are all decorated and in addition there are two contemporary homes open for tours. These are actually multi million dollar mansions. The one has some 30 Christmas trees in the house including an 18 footer in the entry hall. Since Madam is involved with the society she has already been in the two homes and says they are fabulous. We will take our visiting friends to make the grand tour this afternoon and then we'll all come home feeling like like poor relations to our little house. It is always interesting to see how top 1% live.

UPDATE: The one house on the tour, a mere 30,000 sq.ft. was a sight to behold. A tree in every room and every square inch of pretty much everything decorated. In the long windowed hallway from the main house to the gymnasium (a full size gym with basketball court and lap pool) there were perhaps another 20 or so decorated trees and Christmas vignettes, and a fully motorized creche. Jeebus.

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