Friday, December 01, 2006


Whew, glad it is Friday. Going to take a week of vacation next week. Have some friends coming into to town tonight for a long weekend so we are going to do some fun stuff. Got tickets for the Georgia Aquarium for Monday and have some other stuff planned.

Been a technical week from hell. Still having spooky weird problems with Firefox. Deleted it and all traces of it twice today and reloaded with no success. Got mad went and over to Explorer for awhile and all of a sudden it is working correctly...maybe jealously has something to do with it.

Also been having problems with the learning curve on MS SQL 2005. It is sure different from 2000 and not very straightforward to learn. Making some progress but it is slow slogging. Maybe if I step away for a few days it will magically become user friendly.

Anyhow it is Friday and everyone should have a great weekend. If you are in the Midwest or Northeast then work at the snow shoveling slowly and keep warm. It is turning colder here today and tonight but just down into the 30's. No snow on the near forecast.

Time to put my chicken in to roast and maybe even a nice dry martini. How about you PoP?

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