Sunday, December 10, 2006

Hitting the Road

Updated below:

On the way to Boston in a bit. Looks like I'll have some decent weather for the couple of days there. A couple of interesting things happening in the news today.

Cold-Cash Jefferson has won his runoff. WTF?

Shuttle Discovery is away safely. Way to go.

the Iraqi president rejects the Baker report. Coulda told ya!

See you on the flip side.

Update: Here we are in Westborough Mass. If you are planning a trip to Boston in the near future be prepared for the worst traffic nightmare you can imagine. Once you leave the Ted Williams tunnel you are going to be in the middle of the big dig and it has been taking steroids. There are multiple turns and switchbacks pointing to 90W but just when you think you are getting there there is another turn. Seemed to take forever. Just a warning.

A busy two days so posting will be light. Have fun out there.

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