Sunday, December 03, 2006

Dodged the Bullet

We in the west dodged the serious hurricane bullet this year as the hurricane season was officially over last week. The people in the Pacific rim have not been so lucky. The latest Typhoon named Durian(the fourth major storm in four months)may be responsible for thousands of deaths.

(CNN) -- Relief efforts in the Philippines faced delays Sunday
for survivors of Typhoon Durian, as fears grew of a rising death toll in the
archipelago nation from last week's storm.

The Red Cross put the death
toll Sunday at 406, and another 489 as injured. Another 398 people were missing,
the organization said.

But the death toll caused by the typhoon could
eventually be "in the thousands" as more people are believed to be buried under
the mud, Red Cross Executive Assistant Gwendolyn Pang said Sunday.

A lot of people are pointing to the lack of a serious hurricane season this year to pooh-pooh the Gobal Warming threat. Remind them that the rest of the world is currently suffering.

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