Friday, December 08, 2006

Just Do It

If you have you ever gone to bed hungry or were not sure if you could feed your family their next meal then quit reading this post right now and go over to the Campbell's Soup “Click for Cans” website. I won't cost you anything and you can vote for your favorite NFL team in the process. The city whose team wins will get a major donation to the city's food bank from Campbell's. The details are on the website.

A missed paycheck or worse a lost job, an illness, or any number of other things can cause us to have to rely on the kindness of neighbors. The bread line is closer than any of us would like to admit. From personal experience I can guarantee you that you know someone who is using (or has used) a food bank or food pantry to make ends meet. I am no stranger to the giant logs of process cheese or the canned chickens passed out by the government. They got my family through some hard times.

While I could care less about the NFL, I do care about hunger and so does Campbell's. They are a major corporate donor to food banks all year long not just during this promotion.They have a serious corporate commitment to fighting hunger.

Make sure and bookmark the site as you can vote once a day. P.S. If you know how to clear cookies in your browser you can vote more often :-) . And know that regardless of which team you vote for, you are helping someone in need. It's worth a minute of your time, once a day, for the next week.

This is so easy anyone can do it. Give it a try. Campbell's Soup “Click for Cans” website.

h/t to the All Spin Zone via Susie

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